Dont allow Covid-19 beat Your Business

The world is facing a serious lock down, but it is perhaps a golden opportunity every delivery business could have hoped for. Don’t let the CoVid-19 virus cripple your business. Make the most of the moment by helping serve everyone and support the lock down, by offering door to door delivery services for Grocery, Pharmacy, Food, Doctors, Taxi, Life Essential Items etc.

The time is right and the opportunity is ripe. Many entrepreneurs are jumping into the bandwagon of ‘On-Demand Delivery’ business with our state of the art apps. Using our application, not only can you ensure that your business is thriving, but you can also assist your nation’s government by facilitating doorstep delivery and limiting the spread of this pandemic.

Today, everyone who is housebound prefers to get their essentials delivered right to their doorsteps. Whether it is Contactless delivery or Take Away, our apps have got you covered. Seize the moment and get your own On Demand Delivery app launched in just 4 business days with your very own logo and brand name. Serve your country, save the world and grow your business in just one step!

Call Masking

Ensure the privacy of your customers and service providers with this feature. This feature ensures privacy

In App Wallet Integration

An inbuilt wallet system for in app payments, that allows wallet to wallet money Transfer & Payments.

Real time tracking

This feature assists your customers and service providers know the precise location of each other.

Payment Gateways

We have over 14 pre-integrated payment gateways, you can choose from our pool of gateways the one that best fits your target audience.

App store Submission

We have years of experience in deploying your completed Apps to both google play store and ios (Apple) Store and we will make sure your apps gets accepted without any hassle.

NDA compliance

We value your privacy and the trust you have put in us. This is why we adhere to a very strict non disclosure policy. We promise never to let you down.

15 Additional Languages & Currencies

We offer 15 additional languages and currencies from which you can choose the ones that bests suits your target audience.

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